This is Rodelillo´s matrix Model of interventions. This is the backbone program for Rodelillo Foundation. It arises as a way of having our own space; to apply innovative techniques and methodologies, improving our intervention and evaluations systems. Consequently, it is self-funded by Rodelillo in order to minimize external demands, and at the same time, to empathize with the total reality of the participating families.

After working during 29 years with a variety of accents and demands of those who contribute financially to develop the programs, the Foundation decided to return to its origin, focusing on the most vulnerable families: residents in Santiago Centro and Estación Central, ideally with young children, with their ethnic makeup and particular socio economic and cultural characteristics.

Families are self-defined on its composition and they must have desire to change and progress.

Each family at FARO’s program have the opportunity to experience Rodelillo’s Model. It has a professional going along with them through a personalized intervention over 14 months.

The family members participate in socio-educational and training workshops. We have identified these workshops as essential for the co-construction of a long term family Project, to facilitate the continuity of family’s process for their improvement and realization of their dreams, achieving a better quality of life.

RIE (Rodelillo Inside the Enterprise)

RIE Projects are developed within companies and focus on enhancing a comprehensive development of employees and their families. They constitute a corporate and innovative version of Rodelillo’s Model. The social programs inside of company are specially made for each company and contribute to the sustainability of enterprises and the Foundation.

Thus, RIE Projects are made from a Corporate Social Empathy perspective in the nearest community of the company: employees and their families. The goal is to transfer Rodelillo’s Model into companies interested in facilitating the development of their workers and families.

We work with those companies sharing a deep interest on their employees’ development and the human group behind them: their families.

Each family participating in the RIE program sets their goals to achieve as part of their family project, which is co-constructed by all its members, with the support of a multidisciplinary team of Rodelillo’s professionals. During 14 months, the Foundation accompanies the participating families for them to make their dreams come true.

RIE intend to provide effective tools to workers and their families, to strengthen and rebuild their emotional ties; improve their dialog capacity; recognize their problems and to be able to visualize and articulate solutions.

At the same time, we promote the reorganization of family’s budget, job training and incorporation of women to work (when they include it as a goal), among other things. This contributes increasing both the identification with the company and job satisfaction while reducing turnover and accidents.

The program’s goal is to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, embracing five areas: intra-family relationships, housing, health, education and work/income generation.  The key to success lies in each family’s defining its own Family Action Plan and, in conjunction with a team of professionals from Rodelillo and companies, in taking the steps indicated to execute its Plan.

For the great majority of participating families, the emphases are on:

  1. utilizing existing bonds of affection among members of the family group as a catalyst to engaging in a joint purpose, as a family, toward realizing self-defined goals and ambitions;
  1. market-sensitive training and/or micro-business creation, typically involving female empowerment, second-income generation and women’s increased visibility within the family and the community;
  1. acquisition of a dignified, definitive housing solutions, whereby each member of a family comes to possess a space of their own.

Community Program

Rodelillo Foundation has designed a comprehensive project to activate the resources of communities and families. Thanks to this program, many families, women, parents, children and organizations have realized the value of co-construct a process of social development that benefits both the community and those who shape it together. They have initiatives like lifting a healthy lifestyle, with built recreation and sport, and have encouraged the formation of their own micro emerged. Moreover, families have managed to seek and receive updated information on how to access home ownership information.


Rodelillo Foundation has participated for 26 years in public biddings of de National Service for Minors (SENAME), to provide its award-winning Model of Family Empowerment with vulnerable families containing one o more minors referred by the Ministry of Justice in order that such families learn to improve multiple aspects of family life and undertake the overcoming the conditions of poverty and social vulnerabilities.

Currently, Rodelillo has two groups of such families, in Cerro Navia and in Renca with 110 families.

SENAME´S financial support does not cover all Rodelillo´s costs in its interventions, because the Sename´s support is solely for the one or two minors referred by Justice, whereas Rodelillo´s intervention applies to the entire family group.


RODELILLO TAKES FLIGHT (Rodelillo Emprende, Ltda.)

A for-profit vocational training enterprise with international ISO 9001-2015, matches changing Chilean market demands with semi-skilled workers eager to work and provide for their families.

Rodelillo Takes Flight’s strategy is based on labor market demands, the challenges of globalization.

Such findings serve to identify job categories with better wages, rising demand and flexible work schedules.  Rodelillo Emprende then designs and markets vocational training courses to prepare job seekers with the basic set of skills to perform such occupations competently in real-world work conditions. This technical training is accompanied by preparation of a résumé, job interview practice, testing, and the rights, responsibilities and benefits of such jobs.

Rodelillo’s follow-ups disclose that almost all of the graduates of such courses have found stable work in their specialization, whether as employees or as micro-business owners.