About us


Foundation, or Fundación Rodelillo, is a private institution of civil society which has forged a model of social co-construction to help families strengthen themselves as the basic unit of society and to overcome social vulnerabilities. Our organization is a highly effective, replicable and internationally-recognized Model of Social Intervention and Family Entrepreneurship helping to empower poor Chilean families to take charge of their lives and bootstrap themselves out of poverty.
Rodelillo has created, put to use and promoted a social vision and a social model by means of which some 66,000 families have succeeded in strengthening the bonds of intra-family affection, reduced their social vulnerabilities, completed market-demanded training, created or found employment, overcame poverty, and many became homeowners. Rodelillo facilitates these positive changes through a 14-month psycho-social companionship designed to help families to become protagonists of their opportunities, lives and destinies.

Our Model has been successfully helping families to become self-reliant, self-sustaining and independent for almost 30 years.

A respected voice of long standing in public policies concerning childhood protection, public housing, micro-businesses and education, Rodelillo collaborates with ports, mining services and large companies in service to their workers and workers´ families throughout Chile. We also operate three metropolitan Family Centers, and collaborate with regional and international civil society organisms. Rodelillo counts on a large, dedicated and stable multidisciplinary professional staff, a Board of Directors, corporate partners, local government authorities, and communities, universities and other social actors in co-constructing definitive, dignified solutions worthy of citizens in free, democratic and just societies.

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