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Our seal – Rodelillo

What we do


No more poor answers for the poor

We believe in the capacity of families to overcome vulnerabilities and social inequities.

For Rodelillo the definition of poverty goes beyond socio-economical aspects. It covers the absence of a leading family, which nurtures all growth processes of its members. This is expressed in the historical experience of the families: not to be, not having, not being able to access and not belonging.

We have understood that poverty conditions affect individuals, families and society. In this sense, it is a particular and social problem, in which have relevance all the social actors: the state, universities, churches, civil society and especially those living poverty.

For Rodelillo entrepreneurship goes far beyond the creation of a business. The entrepreneurial skill of each person or family has an identity, it is what allow individuals or communities to expand into what they essentially are. Rodelillo families develop projects that give sense to their lives. So while some aspire to be a united family with common goals, others seek to improve income or access to their own house.

At the center of Rodelillo is the confidence and conviction that have the families, that it is possible to overcome vulnerability and realize their dreams.

We have an optimistic working philosophy, in which families reflect on their lives and begin a process of redefinition of their own experiences. They choose to transform their stories and try to overcome their fears, insecurities and denials.

Our contribution to the country goes beyond the transformation of the conditions of poverty in which the participating families live. Our challenge is to make a deep social change; to change the historical experience of not being, not worth, not having, not being able to access, and not belonging, for a new culture of recognition, validity, dignity and rights.

Family is the basic cell of society to Rodelillo and the center of its proposal for social change. Within the family beliefs are nourished, as ways of being an expression of its members. Inside the family are developed nutritional, emotional, protective, belonging, identity, transmission of culture and socialization functions of its members.

It is the same family who defined the members composing it and those who are active part of its being; with their stories, values, problems and interests. Therefore, in Rodelillo the family is self-defined and constitutes the core of our proposal for social change.

The greatest wealth of Rodelillo’s families is their internal engine, manifested in motivation and opening for change.

How to partner with us

Take part in the action of our foundation through this section.