What we do


With a systemic and integral approach, we work with families who are determined to achieve their dreams and improve their quality of life.

Each family has its own challenges and requires specialized support to achieve their goals and have a better life. For many families, these challenges are related to situations of social vulnerability, either because or their local context, by the kind of friends around children or by economic insecurity, among others.

Other families just need professionals who listen to them and help to regain motivation,  discover their abilities and reach their dreams.

Families are the centerpiece for Rodelillo Fundation. Family members set goals, recognize their strengths and strengthen their ties to achieve their dreams.

While supporting families, Rodelillo Model incorporates the following aspects:

  1. Family Project: a plan for all family members.
  2. Family relationships: parenting capabilities, communication and problem solution at a family level.
  3. Employment and family’s income: administration of family’s budget and support for job.
  4. Education: Parental involvement in children’s education and motivation for adults finishing their formal studies.
  5. Access to housing and habitability: and education regarding better housing conditions.
  6. Advocacy of a healthy and preventative lifestyle: including emergencies within the house or natural disasters.

Families develop a project with the goals they want to achieve and, through a comprehensive methodology, Rodelillo supports them for 12 to 18 months with a multidisciplinary team of professionals including social workers, psychologists, lawyers, business engineers, teachers and social workers.

Rodelillo’s team accompanies the processes of each family. This support is focused on families’ characteristics and experiences intending to develop capabilities.

Family support includes:

  1. Personalized work with families
  2. Grupal socio-educational training with their peers. Families have their own space to refect, learn and find useful information during our workshops.

Our model is focused on enhancing the internal resources of families, connecting them with networks and opportunities. Thus, the same families reflect and share their realities, and develop common actions, with other members of their communities.

Permanently we generate cooperative partnerships with other institutions or programs. Thus, we complement and enrich the integrity and quality of social solutions for participating families.

In Rodelillo, recreational activities have an important role in the work with families. Through differnt activities they have fun and learn to develop their ability to socialize.

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