What we do


Our principle of action: no more poor responses for the poor

In Rodelillo we decided to eliminated paternalistic practices under which families are considered exclusively as recipients of benefits.  We believe that paternalism have impacted directly on non overcoming poverty and lack of effective recognition of families’ capabilities to empower themselves and change their quality of life.

There are families who have participated in various social programs, without being part of a process for the construction of personal and family changes, to repair, rebuild and consolidate their learning. Without this it is very hard to get ahead.

For Rodelillo, it is essential to co-build with families

The recognition of families’ capabilities to empower themselves requires a vision and an alliance based on mutual respect, to overcome all types of poverty that coexist in our society, but also to foster solidarity and equally share the wealth generated in each of this country´s sectors.

In Rodelillo, families are protagonists of their changes. The Foundation support, work with, provides tools and facilitates access to opportunities, but families, according to their priorities and plan, decide how to use these tools . The family is free in every decision.