What we do



 Public Income

Rodelillo compites for with their projects in SENAME’s public tenders. Once awarded by the institution, Rodelillo begins a comprehensive program supporting families living in vulnerable conditions and requiring specialized children support. In addition, the organization applies for other public tenders of the Ministry of Social Development or of other organizations, if they are alligned with our Mission and families’ protagonism.

Private Income

Companies and individuals with social interests which understand Rodelillo’s work and empathize with families’ dreams, who are seeking to improve their quality of life.

Service Offer

Rodelillo Foundation, through its long history has consolidate its Model working together with families overcoming social vulnerability. This model has been recognized nationally, internationally and by thousands of families who have achieved their goals and moved forward. As a way of self-financing our social programs, we offer an integral service for companies to develop their workers’ families. In addition, we have the OTEC Rodelillo Emprende, which contributes generating income as well as social benefits. Through our courses families are trained and can access better jobs.


Social investment

Rodelillo’s service to families allow them to achieve their goals and is performed by multidisciplinary teams including the following professionals: social worker, psychologists, teachers, educators, lawyer, business administrator and social technicians.

Administrative expenses

For the administrative management of the organization, we have a team working on accounting and finance tasks. In addition, there is a commercial area, constantly seeking new resources for the development of the organization.

Operating costs

In adittion to service areas and management, Rodelillo requires a budget for the operation of social, educational, recreational and administrative areas.

How to partner with us

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