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Cifras de Éxito

Resultados de superación de las familias que han participado en Rodelillo


Despite its still limited scale, the Rodelillo Model has demonstrated impressive results. With an average investment of only US$2,000 per family during an 14-month treatment period, Rodelillo has achieved outstanding success rates. An external audit (see Exhibit 2 on p. 5)) by TimeResearch in July 2006 found, for instance, that an astonishing 97% among ‘graduated’ Rodelillo families evaluated themselves as ‘Very Satisfied’ (63%) or ‘Satisfied’ (34%) with the results that they had attained through their participation with Rodelillo. Moreover, in the same audit, 99% of respondents said that they had been ‘Always Treated Well’ by the professionals and staff of the Foundation.

The Evaluation of Results Obtained needs to be assessed under multiple aspects. First, the program is highly-targeted and directly impacts the lives of among the poorest and most motivated families. Second, in a region with high poverty levels and Rodelillo manages to offer families a program in which they manage to overcome the vulnerability as protagonists of their changes, it means that the organization is positively affecting the Chilean population reduction direct poverty. Third, multiplier effects must be factored in; creating success cases in areas where successful poverty-reduction schemes are rare tends indirectly to motivate other families to believe in their own possibilities of being able to build a path out of poverty.

The Evaluation of Professional Treatment speaks for itself. 99% of TimeResearch respondents reported having “Always’ been treated well by Rodelillo’s professionals and staff; 1%, ‘Almost Always’. This finding attests not only the consummate professionalism of the Rodelillo team, but also the high seriousness of purpose that the institution brings to bear on all matters affecting the reduction of vulnerability and implicit respect for the dignity of all persons.

Cifras obtenidas a partir de un estudio realizado a 1.650 familias – 7.000 personas aproximadamente- que participaron en 27 proyectos, entre los años 2004 y 2010.

Movilidad socioeconómica

165 familias salieron de la indigencia y 132 de la pobreza.

Las familias en situación de indigencia disminuyeron del 21% al 11%. En tanto, las familias en condición de pobreza disminuyeron de un 44% a un 36%.

Capacidades Parentales

371 familias lograron desarrollar capacidades parentales altas.

Las habilidades parentales son aquellas capacidades prácticas que tienen los padres para cuidar, proteger y educar a los hijos, para que estos puedan desarrollarse de manera integral, en un ambiente de respeto y protección en el hogar.

Relaciones Familiares

1.525 personas pasaron a tener buenas relaciones familiares.

Al ingresar al programa Fundación Rodelillo, el 22% de las familias declaró tener malas relaciones familiares. Tras el egreso este número se redujo a solo el 6%.

Las buenas relaciones familiares se duplicaron, pasando de un 22% a un 44%.

Violencia al interior del hogar

La violencia verbal y física recurrente entre sus integrantes se redujo en un 55% y 77% respectivamente.

Las familias sin presencia de violencia al interior del hogar aumentaron en un 21%.

Capacidad de Ahorro

Se duplicó el número de familias que comenzaron a ahorrar mensualmente.

Las familias que no ahorraban disminuyeron de un 63% a un 42%.

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